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  1. Green Origins Organic Immunity Capsules
    Green Origins Organic Immunity Capsules

    Green Origins Organic Immunity has been developed to naturally support the immune system using an expertly formulated blend of five mushrooms - Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Reishi, Chaga and Maitake. All are organically grown using traditional methods.

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  2. Green Origins Organic Vitality Capsules
    Green Origins Organic Vitality Capsules

    Organic Vitality combines nutritionally-rich greens to provide high levels of vitamin C which contribute to protection from oxidative stress and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

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  3. Green Origins Organic Vitamin C Capsules
    Green Origins Organic Vitamin C Capsules

    Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu and Amla are fruits naturally rich in Vitamin C. We have combined these fruit powders together with Turmeric, Reishi Mushroom and Black Pepper to provide a natural, food-form Vitamin C supplement.

    Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the human body, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal immune system function and the maintenance of normal skin.

  4. Organic Acai Berry Powder (75g)
    Organic Acai Berry Powder (75g)

    The acai berry is a small purple fruit native to the Amazon region in South America. Pronounced ‘ah-sigh-eee’, it has gained a global reputation thanks to its strong nutritional profile and is renowned for its antioxidant content.

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  5. Organic Premium Maca capsules
    Organic Premium Maca capsules

    Maca is an ancient Peruvian root that Incan warriors were said to have consumed for stamina and endurance.

    Our Premium Maca Root capsules contain equal amounts of red, yellow, purple and black maca root powders. The powders are also gelatinised; a process that promotes the bioavailability of the maca.

    Our Premium Maca powder is blended with Camu Camu powder to provide the complementary health benefits of Vitamin C.

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  6. Organic Raw Baobab Powder (150g)
    Organic Raw Baobab Powder (150g)

    Baobab has become popular worldwide for its flavour and nutritional richness. It has a pleasant citrusy flavour making it a popular choice to add to smoothies, juices and desserts.

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  7. Organic Barley Grass Powder (125g)
    Organic Barley Grass Powder (125g)

    Barley grass is the young leafy growth of barley and has been used for thousands of years, but it was only in the twentieth century that the benefits of consuming its high chlorophyll levels were understood.

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  8. Organic Coconut Sugar (250g)
    Organic Coconut Sugar (250g)
    Made from the sap of a coconut palm tree, our coconut sugar can be a great alternative to refined sugar.
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  9. Organic Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder (75g)
    Organic Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder (75g)

    Blueberries are known for their delicious flavour but are also prized for their nutrition. Green Origins Blueberry Powder is freeze-dried to maintain this rich nutritional profile.

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