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  1. Organic Barley Grass Powder (125g)
    Organic Barley Grass Powder (125g)

    Barley grass is the young leafy growth of barley and has been used for thousands of years, but it was only in the twentieth century that the benefits of consuming its high chlorophyll levels were understood.

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  2. Organic Spirulina Powder 90g
    Organic Spirulina Powder 90g

    As one of the most protein-dense plant foods available and a rich source of micronutrients, Spirulina is one of the world’s best, and original, superfoods. 

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  3. Organic Raw Psyllium Husk Powder (99% Pure) 90g
    Organic Raw Psyllium Husk Powder (99% Pure) 90g

    Psyllium husk powder is a is a great wheat-free alternative to traditional flour and is a rich source of fibre. 

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  4. Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (Ceremonial) 30g
    Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (Ceremonial) 30g

    Our matcha is grown in Japan by the Nakai family, who have been growing matcha for 7 generations. 

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  5. Organic Maca Powder (Raw) 90g
    Organic Maca Powder (Raw) 90g

    Maca is an ancient Peruvian root that Incan warriors were said to have consumed for stamina and endurance. 

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  6. Organic Chlorella Powder (Broken Cell Wall) 75g
    Organic Chlorella Powder (Broken Cell Wall) 75g

    Chlorella is a natural, green algae which harnesses energy from sunlight to fuel its growth.

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  7. Organic Cacao Powder 90g
    Organic Cacao Powder 90g

    Grown in South America, cacao beans are fermented to enhance their rich flavour. The natural fat (cacao butter) is then removed and the remaining cacao is delicately ground to form a rich powder.

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  8. Organic Cacao Nibs 90g
    Organic Cacao Nibs 90g

    Many people enjoy cacao nibs when they crave a natural chocolate treat.

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  9. Organic Bee Pollen (Raw) 75g
    Organic Bee Pollen (Raw) 75g

    Our Organic Bee Pollen is polyfloral, making it the highest quality available. It has a sweet flavour, a golden colour and a scent of freshly brewed tea. 

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  10. Organic Baobab Powder (Raw) 80g
    Organic Baobab Powder (Raw) 80g

    Baobab is a nutritious fruit with a citrusy flavour that grows on the African 'Tree of Life'. 

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