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  1. Organic Acerola Powder
    Organic Acerola Powder

    Acerola is a fruit that is well known for being rich in Vitamin C.

  2. Organic Acai Berry Powder (Freeze Dried)
    Organic Acai Berry Powder (Freeze Dried)

    Acai berry is a small purple fruit native to the Amazon rainforest. 

  3. Organic Raw Lucuma Powder (150g)
    Organic Raw Lucuma Powder (150g)

    Lucuma is a fruit native to Peru. It has a sweet caramel/butterscotch flavour and a creamy texture. Its low glycemic index makes it an ideal choice for sweetening dishes by people who are trying to reduce their sugar intake.

  4. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml
    Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

    Fantastic for baking, frying and spreading - our coconut oil is a kitchen cupboard staple.

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