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This range uses only the best type and source of the various superfoods we supply, whether that’s freeze-dried Acai or New Zealand Wheatgrass. All products are ethically sourced and for every product sold we help Rainforest Concern purchase a square metre of cloud forest in Ecuador.

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  1. Rainforest Foods Acai Berry Powder 125g - 6 pack
    Rainforest Foods Acai Berry Powder 125g - 6 pack

    Acai Berry is the small, purple berry of the Acai palm, a tree native to the Amazon region. Acai Berry recently became a dietary sensation among top-flight athletes, because it is quite simply one of the earths most nutritious foods. Pronounced 'ah-sigh-ee', this darling of the superfood scene makes a great basic dietary supplement for almost anyone.

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